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Church House - 
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Church House Church House (03/12/2010)
Church House Church House Street View (03/12/2010)
Church House Church House Aerial View (03/12/2010)
Elder E. C. Morrisett, First Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Sam J. Holt, Former Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Sam J. Holt and Wife, Ivy (03/12/2010)
Ivy Holt (03/12/2010)
Elder Sam J. Holt, Former Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Sam J. Holt - 1957 (03/12/2010)
Elder Weldon Walker, Former Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Barry Brown, Former Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Barry Brown and Wife, Sherry (03/12/2010)
Elder Mike Webb, Former Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Mike Webb (03/12/2010)
Elder Ward Rowell, Pastor (03/12/2010)
Elder Ward Rowell and Wife, Cathy (03/12/2010)
Elder Ward Rowell - Chambers Creek Association, July 2009 (03/12/2010)
Historical Pictures
Chamber's Creek Association - 1939.

Back Row (l-r): J.A. Barrington, Fred Janeway, R.E. Wilson, O. Strickland, James T. Tom Fannin, R.V. Holleman, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jess C. Collins, Unknown

Front Row (l-r): France Griffin, W. H. Hamp Richards, Unknown, Manuel Welch, E. C. Clarence Morrisett, E. J. Norman, Unknown, Leon Clevenger, John R. Harris, W. W. Fowler, S. A. Paine, Jr., Unknown
81st Session (1984) Chambers Creek Association hosted by First Primitive Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas:

Standing (L to R) Elders Clifford Gowens (pastor), Allen Daniels, Jimmie Bass, Kirk McClendon, Marvin Smith, Hugh Montgomery, J.P. Dale, J.A. Rowell Jr, Billy Walker, George Walker.

Kneeling (L to R) Elders Jerry Swindell, Don Farris, Weldon Walker, Bill Caraway, Carl Arnold, Bill Walden, Dickie Daniels, A.D. Wood.