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Church House - March, 2007
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Church House Church House (03/24/2007)
Church House Church House (03/24/2007)
Church House Church House (03/24/2007)
Church Auditorium Church Auditorium (03/24/2007)
Pulpit Church Auditorium (03/24/2007)
BentonDrive Aerial View of the Church House on Benton Drive (current location). (03/27/2007)
South3rd Aerial View of the Church House on South 3rd (previous location). (03/27/2007)
Work Day - March 24, 2007
CathysAndTippy Cathy Bear, Tippy Gowens, Lance, & Cathy Rowell (03/24/2007)
Cathys Cathy Bear & Cathy Rowell (03/24/2007)
Harrah Hera (03/24/2007)
Lance Lance (03/24/2007)
NormanHarrah Norman Gowens & Hera (03/24/2007)
Ronnie Ronnie Baethge (03/24/2007)
Ronnie Ronnie Baethge (03/24/2007)
TippyCathyLance Tippy Gowens, Cathy Rowell, and Lance (03/24/2007)
Ward Ward Rowell (03/24/2007)
WardLance Ward & Lance (03/24/2007)
Work Day - April 14, 1984
Workday1984 Dimple Rash, Bernice Raby, Martha Fix, Ophelia Matthews (03/27/2007)
Workday1984 Malissa Fix Whitaker, Melonie Fix, Bitty McKinney (03/27/2007)
Workday1984 Kari Gowens, Bernice Raby, Henry Cobbs, Malissa Fix Whitaker (03/27/2007)
Workday1984 Bob Rash & Jimmy Fannin (03/27/2007)
Workday1984 B. E. Matthews, Curtis Ripley, Ernest Rash, Harold Horn, Norman Gowens, Jimmy Fannin, Bob Rash (03/27/2007)
Primitive Association at Waco - August, 1987
PrimitiveAssnWaco1987 Song Service (03/27/2007)
PrimitiveAssnWaco1987 Song Service (03/27/2007)
PrimitiveAssnWaco1987 Parking Lot (03/27/2007)
PrimitiveAssnWaco1987 Ministers:
Back Row, From Left: Elders Clifford Gowens, Billy Moseley, Curtis Ripley, Hylton Crain, Octor Moseley, Hugh Montgomery
Middle Row: Elders Carl Arnold Joe B. Burns, Dickie Daniels, Hulan Bass, Harold Horn, John H, Casey, J. A. Rowell, Jr. Bill Caraway
Front Row: Elders Mark Burress, Anthony Blevins, R. R. Burran, George Johnson, David Wilson, David Montgomery
PrimitiveAssnWaco1987 Lunch Room:
From Left Front to Back: Elders John H. Casey, Curtis Ripley, Hylton Crain, Brother Harvey Bass
From Right Front to Back: Nealie Singletary, Jack Watts, Elder George Johnson
Primitive Association at Waco - August, 1992
PrimitiveAssnWaco1992 Parking Lot (03/27/2007)
PrimitiveAssnWaco1992 Tent (03/27/2007)
PrimitiveAssnWaco1992 Ministers:
Back Row From Left: Elders Bill Huckaby, Billy Moseley, Hylton Crain, Paul McClain, Hulan Bass, Foy Evans, Richard Martin (Pastor), Hugh Montgomery, Larry Hausenfluke, Bill Walden, Mark Rowell, Curtis Ripley, Mark Richards, David Montgomery, Jerry Clebern, Chris Blevins, Tony Benitez
Front Row From Left: Anthony Blevins, Lowell McClain, Cleveland Bass, Clifford Gowens, John Horner, Joe Phillips, James Henthorn, Pat Young, Daryl Inman
Other Pictures
Fixs Martha Fix, Malissa Fix Whitaker, Melonie Fix (03/27/2007)
Shower Cathy Bear, Myrtle Cobbs, Veta Casey (03/27/2007)
Historical Pictures
ElderButlerBynum Elder Butler M. Bynum & His Wife - Ordained to the ministry in the Waco Church. (03/27/2007)
OldHarmonyMinisters Ministers at the Old Harmony Association in the late 1940's at Hamilton Texas:
Top Row From Left: Elders H. G. Richards, L. N. Barrow, Jr., and Jesse Bass
Middle Row From Left: Elders E. C. Morrisett, T. A. Dunn, W. G. Bishop, L. P. Griffin,
and W. S. Blackshear (ordained as deacon and to the ministry at Waco)
Front Row From Left: Elders E. J. Norman, W. J. Chambers, Troy McCarty, and
Hershel W. Doss (one time Pastor at Waco)
1985 - Elder Curtis Ripley, Former Pastor (03/25/2009)
1985 - Elder Foy Evans of Good Hope Church, Marlin, TX (03/25/2009)
Elder Fred Janeway, Former Pastor (03/25/2009)
Elder Fred Janeway, Former Pastor & Wife (03/25/2009)
Elder George Lester, Former Pastor & Wife (03/25/2009)
Elder Harold Horn, Former Pastor (03/25/2009)
Elder John H. Casey and wife Veta (03/25/2009)
Waco Church House in 1942 - 2400 South 3rd Street (03/25/2009)
Waco Church House in late 70's - 2400 South 3rd Street (03/25/2009)
Waco Church House/Congregation in 1967 - 2400 South 3rd Street (03/25/2009)
Elder W. S. Blackshear and wife Hallie (03/25/2009)